Microbiology Student Internship In Ahmednagar | Internship For Microbiology Students In Maharashtra | Jobs For Microbiology students

Microbiology Student Internship In Ahmednagar | Internship For Microbiology Students In Maharashtra | Jobs For Microbiology students

Microbiology Student Internship In Ahmednagar 

  • Biobritte Agro-Industry aims to provide research facilities for currently enrolled students from different courses such as agriculture, biotechnology, food sciences, microbiology. 
  • You can continue an industrial internship with biobritte. You can choose topics on your own. Otherwise, our mentor can help you to decide a topic.
  • Bio Internships provide certified training for biotechnology graduates or students including Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetic engineering, Food Biotechnology

Microbiology Internship

  • The post involves research & development of enzymes, fermentation processes, and quality assurance. Candidates should be conversant with the latest laboratory instruments. 
  • The program provides you scope to develop essential skills that are required for an effective research associate.
  • The program is suitable for those who want to develop an effective research career.
  • You will be receiving the certificate after successfully completing the internship.
  • An enrolment fee is applicable.
  • Options opting E-certificate or hard copy certificate available.candidate profile B.Sc. / M.Sc. in Microbiology / Biochemistry. 
  • Role Microbiologist Industry Type Pharma, Biotech, Clinical Research Functional Area Medical, Healthcare, R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology 

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Contact : 99239806933, 7709709816

Email: biobritte.agro@gmail.com

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