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The Internship Programme provides students, enrolled in an undergraduate or post-graduate degree program or recent graduates, with the opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with a practical work experience.

Peak Laboratories provide a facility for students to complete final year projects at, Biofertilizers, Biochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbiology, and Mushroom Laboratory.

Agricultural Biotechnology Summer Internship

Depending On the project durations of different streams of students we give customized training/ project plans to them.


Student of streams-

BSC/ MSC Biotechnology

BSC/MSC Agriculture

BSC/MSC Agricultural Biotechnology Biotechnology

Plant Breeding

BSC/MSC Microbiology

BSC/MSC Biology

For more information about the Microbiology Internship contact us on :

Peak Laboratories


Whatsapp/Phone: +91-9146150117


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