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Apply For Biotech Internships & Biotech Projects.

Peak Laboratories has been providing an excellent opportunity for young learners in the form of RESEARCH INTERNSHIP to expose them in to a productive research phase for a shorter period of time in order to make them gain dimensional knowledge and skills including the laboratory experimental skills, to better play the role of research associate in their career. 

These skills they gain through research internship have been eventually helping them in finding better R&D jobs and to prepare them for competitive higher education with in the country and in overseas.

Agricultural Biotechnology companies in Pune

Apply For Biotech Internships & Biotech Projects with Peak Laboratories.

Depending On the project durations of different streams of students we give customized training/ project plans to them.


Student of streams-

BSC/ MSC Biotechnology

BSC/MSC Agriculture

BSC/MSC Agricultural Biotechnology Biotechnology

Plant Breeding

BSC/MSC Microbiology

BSC/MSC Biology

For more information about the Biotech Internships & Biotech Projects contact us on :

Peak Laboratories


Whatsapp/Phone: +91-9146150117


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