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Biofertilizer Company Internships in Pune.

Azotobacters have been used as biofertilizers for more than a century.

Azotobacters fix nitrogen aerobically, elaborate plant hormones, solubilize phosphates and also suppress phytopathogens or reduce their deleterious effect.

It is usually used with crops like cotton, wheat, mustard, maize, etc.

Peak Laboratories is a reputed agrochemical manufacturing company focused on producing agricultural inputs such as bio-pesticides / fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, etc.

Azotobacter Biofertilizer Internships in Pune

We at Bio internship provide a facility for students to complete final year projects at, Biofertilizers, Biochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbiology, and Mushroom Laboratory.

Apply Now and transform yourself into an industry-ready professional and learn the latest skills that are in demand by the biotech industry.

Depending On the project durations of different streams of students we give customized training/ project plans to them.


Student of streams-

BSC/MSC Food technology Food technology
BSC/ MSC Biotechnology
BSC/MSC Agriculture
BSC/MSC Agricultural Biotechnology Biotechnology
Plant Breeding
BSC/MSC Microbiology
BSC/MSC Biology

For more information about the Biofertilizer internship in Pune contact us on :

Peak Laboratories


Whatsapp/Phone: +91-9146150117

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