Microbiology Internships in Maharashtra | Microbiology Internship Services | Biotechnology Internship 2022 Maharashtra | Mushroom Training Center in maharashtra

 Microbiology Internships in Maharashtra |  Microbiology Internship Services | Biotechnology Internship 2022 Maharashtra 

Mushroom Microbiology Internships in Maharashtra.

Peak Laboratories is providing Microbiology Internships to students of different streams. 

We at Bio internship provide a facility for students to complete final year projects at Biochemistry, Biofertilizers, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbiology, and Mushroom Laboratory.

Microbiology Internships in Maharashtra

Apply For Microbiology  Internship & Microbiology Projects with Peak Laboratories.

Depending On the project durations of different streams of students we give customized training/ project plans to them.


Student of streams-

BSC/ MSC Biotechnology

BSC/MSC Agriculture

BSC/MSC Agricultural Biotechnology

B.tech/ M.tech Biotechnology

Plant Breeding

BSC/MSC Microbiology

BSC/MSC Biology

For more information about the Microbiology Internship contact us on :

Peak Laboratories

Email: biobritte.internships@gmail.com

Whatsapp/Phone: +91-9146150117

Website: www.biointernship.in

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