Mushroom Cultivation Internships in Andheri | Mushroom Training Internship in Andheri | Biotechnology student internship in Andheri

Mushroom Cultivation Internship in Andheri.

Peak Laboratories provide mushroom cultivation internships for students. 

The internships are practical work-placement programs designed to provide the intern with industrial exposure in food science and technology, with the aim of providing industry-specific opportunities to enable the intern to develop skills that will enhance their prospects of gaining meaningful employment, building the student’s career and starting their future.

We at Bio internship provide a facility for students to complete final year projects at Food technology, Biochemistry, Biofertilizers, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbiology, and Mushroom Laboratory.

Mushroom Cultivation Internships

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation internships
  • Cordyceps mushroom cultivation internships
  • Ganoderma mushroom cultivation internships

Mushroom Cultivation Internships in Andheri

For more information about the Mushroom Cultivation internship in Andheri  contact us on :

Peak Laboratories


Whatsapp/Phone: +91-9146150117


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